Google Ads Landing Page For Painting Contractors


One of the most important things that you need if you are looking to use Google Ads to get more leads for your painting company is a custom landing page. A custom landing page will help you capture the leads and ultimately increase the profitability of your Google ad campaign.

Let me be honest with you: some painting contractors’ websites suck. Most contractors overlook vital design elements and other critical features. I understand that when you are just starting, you may not have enough capital to develop a professional site because you have to take care of other costs such as labor, materials, fuel, paint, and marketing among others. Still, there are also painting company websites that appear awesome but lack certain vital elements. For instance, some lack images of real people, lack lead forms, don’t have clear phone numbers and aren’t properly branded.

Without a properly designed website, you are limiting your reach and ability to acquire or grow leads. Remember that your website is more than just a platform for customers to find your phone number and location. It affects different elements of your online presence, including lead generation. If your Google ads target people who are looking for painters in Tampa, for instance, and you lead them to a poor site that doesn’t highlight the exact thing that you do, how to contact you, or your industry experience, they are going to return to Google to search for better resources. Such resources may be in your competitor’s site and you know what that means—lost business.

Google ads are a very important form of marketing as it allows you to get in front of people who are looking for your services. You also have the opportunity to target anything in any location and on any device. So, you can use it to acquire more leads fast even if your site is new. However, if you have a bad website—which a lot of painting firms do—things may not favor you. In other words, you may not take full advantage of the power that Google ads has to offer when it comes to lead generation.

Nonetheless, you can still turn things around if you use a custom landing page where the only thing that your potential clients can do is to either call you or fill a lead form. Creating a simple landing page is highly recommended for painting contractors because the people who are searching for painting services are not looking for a lot of information. Most of them are after a local contractor who can prove on one page that they can do a good job.

What’s more, using a landing page will help you track everything, including the devices that your clients are using, whether they are completing the lead forms and other areas of your website where they head to when they leave the landing page.

Put simply, when running a Google AdWords campaign for your painting company, having a great, simple, and clean custom landing page is going to give you better results. On the flip side, a poorly designed website without a custom landing page is going to negatively affect your campaigns.



-Make your phone number huge and have a call to action “Call us right now for a free instant painting quote”-On the mobile version of the landing page have the phone number at the top of that landing page with the call to action there, above the fold. So they don’t have to scroll down to search for your number.

-Keep it simple with form sign ups – the more information you ask for in that lead form the fewer signups you’ll get.

All you need is their name, email and phone number.

-Make sure you use a real picture of real work and real people (not stock images), show people that you are a legitimate painting company.

-Add Trust signals like BBB (Better Business Bureau), if you are entitled to use it. If you are a member of some painting association, use your membership and those badges on your landing page.