About Marko

Where do I come from, how did I become a freelance Google Ads specialist, and most importantly, why did I devote myself to this career? Let’s rewind a couple of decades.

🌍 My Home

I was born and raised in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Serbia is a land of breathtaking landscapes, exciting history, famous inventors (Nikola Tesla surely rings a bell), and delicious cuisine.

🦖 Dreams of Paleontology

I always wanted to be a paleontologist. My fascination and obsession with dinosaurs were beyond imagination. While many kids lose interest in dinosaurs during adolescence, I never did. I’ve been interested in paleontology my whole life.

But life took an unexpected turn. Right after high school, instead of attending university for paleontology, I got an opportunity to visit my cousin in Sarasota, Florida.

That visit turned out to be several years long, and since then, digging up dinosaurs has been stuck on my ‘to-do’ list.

🛫 Chasing The American Dream

Sarasota, Florida felt like home from day one. Fantastic weather, amazing white sand beaches – I loved it! A cousin of mine owned a pressure washing business so I quickly got myself a job.

Bleach in my hair and hard, tiresome work became my routine. But the pay was great. However, we were struggling. We had just about enough customers to keep us busy, but not nearly enough to make the business grow. My cousin wanted to expand his pressure washing business and attract more customers.

He wasn’t getting far with door-to-door sales and handing out flyers. And this was the turning point of both his business and my career.

💡 Discovering Google Adwords

I took initiative, did some research, and realized that there’s this thing called Google My Business. It was free to set up, so we decided to give it a shot. Not long after we’ve set our first Google My Business profile, we got our first client from the internet! We booked that client and we did a great job.

That’s the moment I came to realize that the internet can be a powerful money-making tool. And that’s also the moment when I decided to go all-in and devote myself to digital marketing.

I did pressure washing over the day, and I spent countless nights learning the ins and outs of building a successful website and promoting it on the internet. It was a steep, strenuous learning curve. Very soon, Google offered a $300 free credit so I decided to run my very first Google Adwords Campaign. I was mind blown! We quickly landed a job at a storage facility nearby and brought in $2500 for a one-time clean.

From that moment on, the phone never stopped ringing, and the business exploded. Our monthly income doubled from $20,000 to $40,000 within a year.

🚀 Your Goals, My Passion

I enabled my cousin to transform his business. That feeling was fantastic, it was my ultimate prize. I’ve found the big “why” in my career, my life calling. It’s what drives me even today, and it’ll always make me go the extra mile.

Google Adwords have become my passion ever since.

Fast forward to 2024, my cousin is still running a successful company, and I’m fully devoted to helping entrepreneurs transform their businesses.

And by the way, I still obsess about dinosaurs. 🦕