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👋 Hey, I’m Marko, a freelance Google Ads specialist dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses generate more leads and increase call volume.

Hire A Google AdWords Freelancer!

Feeling lost with Google Ads because you haven’t had the time to really learn it? 😕

Let me step in as your experienced Google Ads expert and drive results for your business!

As a Google Ads Manager, my job is simple:

Simple. But not easy. And yeah, it’s time-consuming.

If you’re not into dealing with all this, you’re in the right place 👍

I’ve worked with all sorts of businesses—from plumbers to law firms—to make their phones ring and their leads pour in!

I’m offering a Google Ads consultancy call before you hire me to prove my skills and expertise. You have no risk, no obligation.

Google Ads Freelancer with 13+ Yrs of experience

Since 2010, I’ve been working as a Google Ads Freelancer, collaborating with amazing clients and agencies.

My expertise lies within the Google Ads platform, which is where I channel all my focus and passion. I don’t venture into Facebook, Instagram, SEO, or other areas—Google Pay per click is my niche, and I love managing Google Ads (It’s more than just a job; it’s my lifestyle).

Some Google Ads Results

This law firm saw a 453% increase in leads while reducing CPL by -60% in just 4 months

Leica Store Soho (NYC) went from 950 to 1,530 foot traffic visits, revenue increased to $612,000, yielding a 525% ROI over 18 months

4 Eighty Solar secured 900+ leads at $80 CPL, totaling an estimated $675,000 revenue from solar installations in a year

Don’t take my word for it…

See what my clients are saying!

“Marko has truly transformed our paid search campaign! Before Marko, we were overspending, paying over $200 per lead and draining our resources. However, once Marko took charge, everything changed. Within weeks, he reduced our lead costs to $60-$70 and continued to refine our campaign, driving costs down to as low as $30 per lead. What’s even more impressive is Marko’s consistency in delivering results. If you need help with your PPC campaigns, Marko is the expert you want. His dedication and exceptional work have elevated our business to new heights. Thank you Marko!
✔ Abraham Jovanovich owner of

“We specialize in assisting startups and small to midsize businesses with digital transformation, covering everything from product research to marketing. I’ve partnered with Marco for nearly four years now. I discovered him on Upwork after interviewing around 12 to 15 candidates while searching for a Google Ads specialist. From our initial conversation, it was clear that Marco had the expertise to handle our needs efficiently and manage our budget responsibly. I came from an agency in Chicago that had some of the best minds on Google Ads, and Marco took over some of those accounts and actually took the optimization to the next level and increased conversions even from there. he reason I’ve continued working with Marco for four years is his exceptional talent. He’s proactive, reliable, and fair in his billing. His long-term vision is rare among freelancers or independent contractors. I highly recommend Marco for any project requiring expertise in paid search.
✔ Devin Martin, founder of
“Working with Marko’s PPC Services has been phenomenal. Marko is highly reliable, always thinking outside the box to boost our campaigns. He consistently exceeds my high standards and expectations. We’re in touch daily, bouncing ideas off each other, and he’s the kind of partner who takes our business seriously. For anyone seeking a freelance Google AdWords specialist, Marko is the one to go for!
✔ Gerrid Smith, founder of
“Recognizing the challenges of managing Google and online presence, we knew we needed expert assistance. That’s when we found Marko, recommended by industry colleagues. Within two months, our leads and customer inquiries through Google significantly improved, along with a noticeable increase in call volume. I would highly recommend Marko, and I always do whenever someone asks if I know a capable Google Ads campaign manager.
✔ Philip Bajic, owner of
“Marco is the go-to freelancer for all things Google-related. He is very direct and efficient. His intelligent strategy boosted our PPC bookings by 25% year over year. Highly recommend!
✔ Chase Wilson, owner of
“I’ve been collaborating with Marko for about two years now, and I have to say, he’s been a real asset to my boudoir photography business. Initially, I reached out to him for some help with my website and Adwords—areas I was pretty clueless about. Marko didn’t just fix things; he helped me understand them better. What I appreciate most about Marko is how he communicates. He’s patient and breaks down all the technical stuff into simple terms. Plus, he’s always available whenever I have questions or need assistance. He’s more than just a service provider; he feels like a genuine part of my team. I’ll definitely continue working with him and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others. Thanks, Marko, for your support and expertise.
✔ Pamela Nicole, owner of
“Working with Marco has been such an easy process. One of the things that I really value in Marco is his honesty, transparency, and punctuality. He communicates effectively, often reaching out to me to provide updates on our campaigns without me having to prompt him. Marco delivers professional, beautiful-looking landing pages that align perfectly with our branding and require minimal input from me. His punctuality in meetings and proactive approach to campaign adjustments have been greatly appreciated. We’ve seen significant success working with Marco, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a digital advertiser who is easy to work with, persistent, and proactive in communication. Thank you so much, Marco. I look forward to working with you again in the future.
✔ Jayd Hernandez, owner of
“We started working with Marko a few years back, and he’s been great at keeping our phones ringing and boosting website traffic. He’s always on point with our marketing needs and ready to tackle any task. I would recommend him to everyone!
✔ Bryan Mattingly, owner of
“Marko has been looking after our website and pay ber click efforts for almost 2 years now. Seeing the boost in our business, we’re sticking with him. I highly recommend him as your go-to digital and web provider for your service company.
✔ Robert McClain, owner of
“My name is Carlos, I’m the owner of Henrico Electric, and I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am with our collaboration with Marko. After years of trying out different agencies and seeing disappointing results, Marko has been a game-changer for us. He didn’t just help us devise a winning strategy for our Google ads campaign; he also went the extra mile by tweaking our landing pages to get the most out of our paid search traffic. With tools like call tracking numbers, he made sure we knew exactly where our leads were coming from. And the best part? Marko doesn’t charge an arm and a leg like those other agencies we’ve dealt with. So, if you’re in need of a freelance Adwords specialist who’s all about setting clear expectations, no sugarcoating, and just getting the job done, Marko’s your guy!
✔ Carlos Correa, owner of
“Mark stands out as one of the best Google Ads managers we’ve ever worked with. He manages multiple accounts on our behalf, consistently delivering leads that keep our clients satisfied and engaged. Mark goes the extra mile by regularly sharing concise and easily understandable Loom video updates with our clients whenever there are adjustments to their campaigns. He meticulously explains his strategic reasoning behind each step, ensuring the campaigns’ success. Moreover, he has successfully resolved account suspensions on several occasions. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Mark as an expert in his field.
✔ Hazel Christine V. Herber, founder of

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