Google Adwords Freelancer

My Expertise. Our Strategies. Your Success.

Are you looking to get the most from your advertising spend? Are your Google Ads campaigns underperforming? I use evidence-based strategies to help businesses generate consistent leads using Google Ads. All within your budget.

I have years of experience as a Freelance Google Ads Specialist. I listen closely to my clients, and we build a strategy around your needs using my specialized knowledge.

What Does a Google Adwords Freelancer Do? 

Increase Your Visibility

Don’t wait for your customers to find you. Targeted ads in the right places are essential to make your business visible. I can put them there.

Boost Your Online Traffic

So your customers are seeing your ads. Are they clicking? I can boost your clickthrough rate and drive your website traffic up, up, up.

Generate Qualified Leads

Concerned about a high bounce rate? Let’s show your customers you have the answer to their questions and lead them to engage with you.

What To Expect When You Hire Me

Your Goals are My Priority

I design campaigns around your business goals: what you want your audience to find, who you want your audience to be. Taking customers through the journey from seeing a PPC ad to conversion is the ultimate goal.  Everything in between – clickthrough rates and UX (user experience) – are paving stones. I lay the paving; you choose the destination.

Ongoing Support & Communication

You’ll be able to contact me at any point in the campaign for support. You’ll never have to worry about outsourced support services: I run your campaign personally and will keep you updated on results tracking and new data.

Transparent, Evidence-Based Strategy

You can expect complete honesty and clarity throughout. No vague promises. No evasive technical jargon. I take every care to ensure that you understand how we will run a successful campaign when you work with me. I don’t take on jobs if I can’t show you solid evidence that I can help you.

Spending that Suits Your Budget

After a free consultation to assess how I can help your business, I’ll design a strategy to transform your budget into increased lead generation and conversions. Contact me to work with a leading Google advertising expert.

Some Of My Strengths

Focus on Google Ads

I am 100% focused on managing google ads campaigns, it’s the only thing I do but I do it really well.

Direct Communication

You get all the information I get, including regular reporting, chats, calls, and video explainers as often as you need it.

No Outsourcing

I don’t outsource my work so our communication will always be personal, quick and efficient.

No Contracts

I don’t require any contracts. In fact, I am so sure I can help, that I don’t need to pressure you into any obligation at all.

Affordable Fees

I have a deep respect for the money I am managing on your behalf, regardless of the size of your business and advertising budget. My fees are reasonable, even for small budgeted campaigns.

Reliable and Dependable Person

You can count on me. I believe in being a dependable person. I think that this is the most important characteristic anyone can have.

Some Google Adwords Results


Pressure Washing Business

Personal Trainer

About Marko

My name is Marko Ramovic, and if you need anything related to Google Ads – you’ve come to the right place. 

I’m a Google AdWords Freelancer with more than seven years (and counting) of proven experience under my belt.

Many business owners like you have entrusted me with millions of dollars which I’ve invested in successful ads, seen by millions of customers.

And I can tell you this – your marketing goals are my passion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will work on my campaign?

I will design every aspect of your campaign. I am a Google Ads specialist with years of experience in the industry. No work will be outsourced; no work will be allocated to interns. I take personal responsibility for your campaign.

Who should I contact with questions?

I will be your constant point of contact while we are working together. I will respond to any questions, concerns, or suggestions you have, and we will work through it until you’re satisfied that your concerns have been fully addressed.

What will I pay other than the cost of Google Ads?

My fees are affordable, and I will offer a full breakdown of pricing when I show you my plan for your campaign. You’ll know that every cent of your investment is going towards making your campaign a success.

How will I know that my campaign is working?

I will provide you with regular updates on results tracking and discuss any improvements we could make fully before implementing them. I pay constant attention to the success of your campaign and will never accept stagnation – I’ll always inform you of fresh and more effective strategies based on evidence.

Let’s Put Your Business on the Map

We start by putting up signposts in the right places.

We make sure the signs say the right things and that the right people find them.

We then help them make the right choice when they come to your business.

That’s the story of a lead.

Make the right choice by working with a top Google Ads expert to put your business on the map.