Do you want new Google Ads campaigns set up? Or do you have existing Google Ads campaigns that aren't delivering the results you want?

I specialize in helping businesses to get new customers & sales, through optimization of your campaigns.

Top google ads consultant for lead generation

A well set Google Ads campaign can send a stream of leads to your business or store consistently. However, setting up Google Ads for lead generation can be time-consuming if you are not familiar with the platform. Even worse, if you set up a campaign and forget about it, you would potentially be throwing away money.

An experienced Google Ads professional or consultant can help you generate qualified leads, boost your online traffic, and generate more revenue. As a certified Google Ads specialist, for instance, I can help you handle everything—right from planning and organization of your ads to on-going optimization and maintenance to ensure that your lead generation effort is successful.

My main focus is lead generation for small and medium-sized businesses. In particular, I work mostly with concrete contractors and electricians, though I can also help any type of business or company that needs more leads.

My clients often see high click-through rates for their industries. This translates to lower CPCs and higher conversions. And it is why I offer free accounts audit or consultation for all my clients to establish whether or not I can help their businesses grow. This alone has helped me have record lead generation success for my clients because I only commit to working with companies that I know I can help.

What’s more, my fees are manageable and I am ready to make even small budgeted campaigns successful. In fact, I don’t need any contracts—I am sure about my capabilities that I don’t have to pressure you into any form of obligation at all.


One of the best ways of spreading the word about your company today is via pay-per-click services. Basically, these services give you an ad space that you only pay for when people click through to your landing page or website.

However, pay-per-click or paid search campaign management is a delicate science that if not executed correctly by a specialist may result in a huge loss of revenue. As such, it is critical to hire a freelance Google Ads specialist to carefully evaluate and optimize your campaigns.

This is exactly where I come in: I will not only help you track the quality of your landing page’s visits but will also help you figure out areas that need improvement. I will also help you set goal tracking, which we can leverage to optimize your lead generation process.

Before working on your project, I will first have a quick call to discuss your PPC advertising goals—are you after new leads, boosting your sales, or something else? I will then work on coming up with a PPC strategy, which often entails doing some detailed keyword research before building out the campaigns on Google or Bing.

As an industry expert with demonstrated proficiency in Google Ads management, I will ensure that you take advantage of the vast potential that search engines present in regard to new clients’ acquisition.

I advertise services like:

* Podiatrists

* Painters

* Concrete Contractors

* Cleaning Companies
* Electricians

and pretty much any kind of service company that needs more leads coming in!

So, if you are new to Google advertising or you are not getting the expected performance with your current campaigns, get certified and experienced Google Ads expert and save more in management fees.

Most importantly, I don’t outsource my work and I always encourage my clients to contribute as we work together to make their campaigns highly profitable.

We have been using Marko for Google Ads management for some time now. First and foremost Marko has been able to drive down our ad spend and increase leads and call volume for our company. Second, Marko is extremely easy to work with and understands how to offer great customer service.

Andrew Jacobson 
Owner, Deck Touch


Focus on Google Ads

I am 100% focused on managing google ads campaigns, is the only thing I do but I do it really well.

Direct Communication

You get all the information I get, including regular reporting, chats, calls, and video explainers as often as you need it.

No Outsourcing

I don't outsource my work so our communication will always be personal, quick and efficient. 

No Contracts

I don't require any contracts. In fact, I am so sure I can help, that I don't need to pressure you into any obligation at all. 

Affordable Fees

I have a deep respect for the money I am managing on your behalf, regardless of the size of your business and advertising budget. My fees are reasonable, even for small budgeted campaigns. 

Reliable and Dependable Person

You can count on me.

I believe in being a dependable person. I think that this is the most important characteristic anyone can have. 

Marko worked with my former company, wherein he helped the company create a new smart campaign to rank the Company’s website and marketing campaigns rank high on search engines. Marko is a great Google ads expert and an amazing resource for anyone who would need expert assistance on Google ads, a field where there are a lot of pretenders. His expertise, patience, and willingness to pitch in would make him an asset to any organization. I would recommend Marko and his work to anyone looking for a competent Google ads expert.

Gichane Maina
Co-founder, CerVaccin


  • Campaigns - create, manage, optimize
  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager setup
  • Digital marketing strategy
Focused on Google Ads


  Chase Wilson, Owner

Anyway Electric LLC

Marko is an SEO champion! He is a pragmatic, intelligent, and capable Digital Marketing professional who has a proven track record of improving Google Ads. Marko has a pleasant personality and is easy to collaborate with. I recently sought out Marko’s assistance with my Google Ad campaigns. He reviewed and provided improvements that quickly increased my traffic. I highly recommend reaching out to Marko to inquire on what he can do for you.

Ryan Crossan
Software Engineer, Cayuse LLC


Hi, thanks for visiting my website and learning more about me. My name is Marko, and I’m a freelance Google Ads consultant from Belgrade, Serbia.

I love managing Ads accounts, and I love serving my clients. Being an PPC management consultant is my dream job, and I’ve been lucky enough to be doing it full-time now.


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