Stretching Exercise Course [Case Study]

*due to an agreement with the client, I cannot disclose their name.


This client teaches people how to stretch through their advanced stretching course that covers various different stretching strategies & techniques such as progressions, equipment stretches, and a wider range of stretching types.

They already had an established online presence through their search engine optimization (SEO), but they wanted to expand their online sales with the help of Google Ads.

Despite the fact they had a lot of traffic coming to their site through SEO, their Analytics showed that over 99% of the traffic visiting their website left without buying their online course.

Prior to starting our Google Ads campaign, we needed to find a solution and deal with their low-converting website by either re-building their site or by creating dedicated landing pages for their paid traffic.



– I created search campaigns around two online products: basic & advanced stretching courses. In addition to this, 25% of the budget was dedicated to a remarketing display campaign. By creating a remarketing campaign we were able to target people who have visited their website but left without converting.

-Built-up a large list of negative keywords to prevent low-converting searches, such as people looking for general information about stretching or what we like to call the top of the funnel terms such as “can stretching increase height” or “where did stretching originate”… Typically, these top of the funnel searches are not converting into a sale.

– I created dedicated, high-converting landing pages that had multiple call-to-action, video testimonials from students talking about the course, and 5-star reviews to increase their conversion rate by emphasizing their credibility online.


The results

Since they began leveraging my expertise, the client is able to generate 30 new sales per month at a cost per sale of $60. The average order value is $200 and that resulted in about $6000 of revenue/month.