Pressure Washing PPC Case Study


Darley’s Pressure Washing is a power washing company based in Chicago IL. They offer pressure washing services to residential, industrial, and commercial customers.



Prior to working with me, Darley’s Pressure Washing spent about $800 per month on their Adwords campaign but they felt they weren’t getting many jobs from it.

Their conversion tracking was not set properly so they really had no clear picture of their campaign performance.

Once I examined their existing campaign I realized that their biggest issue was the quality of their traffic. Their search term history was filled with competitors brand searches and other irrelevant, broad terms. These broad searches even brought clicks from people who were looking to buy a pressure washing machine… and that’s not the kind of traffic they wanted.

The search partners were also turned on (display ads), and that resulted in some wasted money as well.

They had a decently structured campaign with some nicely written ad copies which gave me something good to work with.



To achieve better results, I took the following strategy:

-Since they had some history of advertising data, I examined the earlier performance, kept what actually showed some results, and started building my campaign based on that.

-I designed this campaign to be optimized for phone calls and pushed hard for mobile traffic, so I set a negative 100% bid for desktop and negative 100% for tablet devices. I wanted people to call instead of filling out contact forms.

Based on my previous experience in the pressure washing niche, phone calls tend to work much better than form leads, and they bring more actual jobs.

-I made sure that we get only traffic that has high intent and actually looking to hire a pressure washing company. I’ve added keywords such as “find pressure washing company”, “pressure washing + city”, “power washing company near me”, “house washing near me” etc.

-We also expanded our negative keyword list to prevent low intent searches or random broad terms such as pressure washing or pressure washer…

-Numerous tweaks are done to the landing page and ad copy in order to increase conversion rate as much as possible.

The results

-Within the first two months, we were able to achieve a $35 cost per lead

-They are now getting around 30 high-quality phone calls per month and approximately 20% of those leads turn into actual jobs. Their advertising budget is not wasted anymore and our campaign has a very positive impact on their income and business growth

-They continue to get some really nice exterior cleaning jobs through Adwords and as a direct result of that, they hired more employees and got more trucks on the street.