Dinosaur Fossil Store [Case Study]


This Online Fossil Store (name withheld to protect data) is supplying private collectors, universities, and museums with fossils. They ship worldwide and stock a huge range of specimens, from pocket fossils to rare display pieces. In addition to this, they also sell casts and museum fossil replicas.

-Prior to working with me they never ran paid search ads and the main source of their website traffic was SEO (organic)

-The average order value of their specimen is $300

-They came to me with the goal of increasing the number of online sales based on their $5,000/month advertising budget that they were ready to invest.


– Multiple search campaigns were set up. Each targeting different countries, locations, and languages.

– I broke down each product type (ie. tyrannosaurus rex tooth, t rex replica skull, dinosaur skeleton replica, etc.) into specific ad groups that targets very specific keywords. Each of these ad groups includes ads that are specific to those keywords.

I also built up a large list of negative keywords to prevent a large number of irrelevant searches, such as people looking for general information about dinosaurs and fossils like “what was the biggest dinosaur” – which is not the type of term that converts into a sale.

The results

Within the first month, we were able to achieve a $70 cost per sale at a $300 average order value.

Since they started with Google Ads they saw a large jump in their sales and ROI, increasing order rate by 45% within one year.

We’re currently generating about 70 sales per month from Adwords which results in $20,000/month revenue for this online fossil store.