Podiatrist Case Study


This specific private podiatry practice agreed to share their Adwords results but they wished to stay anonymous.  

Their patients came mostly from referrals so they decided to try out something new and give Adwords a shot. Their goal was to create more awareness of their clinic and increase the volume of patients. The type of patients they wanted to treat are mostly general care and bunion surgeries.


-They had a nicely designed website but it was not optimized for paid search. We needed dedicated landing pages with call to action, clickable phone numbers, and a pop-up form to schedule appointments.

-Their monthly budget for Adwords was about $600/month which was not the healthiest budget for this niche if you’re looking to get some real results. I needed to find a way to get the lowest possible CPC and CPL in order to get the most out of that modest budget.


– I implemented a manual bidding strategy to try to get the lowest cost per click possible since their budget was on a lower end. 

– I’ve created two landing pages for our Adwords traffic. One was for general care patients and the other for bunion surgeries. This was to make sure our visitors land on a page that’s relevant and talks about a specific service they were searching for.

– Due to a limited budget I decided to only show ads to mobile device users instead of both mobile and desktop users. This was because mobile users are typically converting higher and make more appointments via mobile than they do via desktop & tablet devices. 

– I used their GMB Listing to create a “location extension” which enabled their ad to appear in the map section. This way our ad showed up on multiple places in the Google search which attracted more eyeballs to their podiatry practice. 

The results

As a direct result of the Adwords campaign, they were able to bring more patients to their clinic. 

Within the first 3 weeks, I was able to increase their volume of appointments by 25%.

This Adwords account is bringing about an average of 15 new patients per month at a Cost Per Acquisition of $45.