Personal Trainer Case Study


Fitness Vibes is a team of sports experts with over ten years of experience within the sports industry worldwide. All their trainers are highly educated and certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Fitness Vibes didn’t have the time to manage their Google Ads account and that resulted in poor campaign performance and wasted Ad budget.

When they came to me, at the time they were getting about 35 (low-quality) leads per month. This was in March of 2021. By November, I had a campaign built, well structured, and bringing more high-quality leads. They wanted their leads to come through WhatsApp messages so I set a WhatsApp integration with Google Ads Lead form.


-I used their Google My Business Listing to create a “location extension” which enabled their ad to show in the map section as an Ad. This alone increased their lead flow afterward.

-I suggested several changes for their existing PPC landing pages. We’ve added more call-to-action buttons, a few video testimonials, and some real photos (we removed all the stock photos) to increase their credibility online. This eventually led to a higher conversion rate.

-Negative bid adjustments of 100% are implemented for desktop and tablet devices to push and focus solely on mobile traffic because it converts much higher into actual clients (especially in the personal trainer niche)

The results

In the first month, I doubled Fitness Vibes’ volume of leads and reduced the overall cost per lead through laser-focused Ads & Landing pages. I helped this company to eliminate negative traffic and the spending that came along with it. Leads I’m currently delivering are under a $7 CPL and the client is generating more leads than they ever did before!