Online Golf Store Marketing Case Study


ProClubs was managing their Google Ads in-house but they had trouble getting any significant results. They spent around $100/day ($3k/Mo) but that only translated into a couple of sales. Their average cost per sale was $250 which was super high given that their average sale value is $276. Their goal was to decrease the cost per sale and maximize the number of purchases on their golf e-commerce website.


Google Ads set up

At the time, they used so-called “Smart” campaigns to sell golf equipment. These Smart campaigns are beginner friendly and easy to set up but fully automated – and more often than not they bring no results. Basically, they are a waste of money. I decided to build a new search ads campaign that had multiple different ad groups and each adgroup showed ads for certain types of golf equipment. Adgroups for golf clubs, shafts, golf heads, drivers, etc.

Website CRO

Their website had an amazing design and visitors could navigate the site easily. The problem was that the website itself had a very low conversion rate. The traffic didn’t convert into a sale as much as they would like to. The site missed some of the components that are crucial when it comes to the website conversion rate. Their website missed things such as: 

-product reviews, along with the photo review app (images of products/happy customers)
-sticky add to cart button (with the color that sticks out)
-money-back guarantee badge/trust badges
-urgency. Adding some urgency signals such as “Limited stock” (numbers “only 10 left” or something like “low stock”) 

After determining those missing components I implemented my developer skills and made improvements to their website.


The results

After re-building their campaigns and making improvements to their website I was able to achieve around 60 purchases per month at CPS (cost per sale) of $50.

This is 5x better performance compared to what they had prior to working with me.