Mold Removal PPC Case Study

Case Study Overview

This Mold Removal/remediation client (name withheld to protect data) is one of the largest mold removal companies in the states and they spend more than $10,000 per month with Google Ads.

They did all of their PPC in-house for over a year but they had trouble scaling in a fairly competitive industry. They came to me with the goal of increasing their number of leads and reducing the cost per acquired lead. 

Once I did an audit of their Google Ads campaign, I realized that their quality of traffic was quite low. 50% of their clicks came from generic and irrelevant searches. They had zero negative keywords which caused a lot of budget waste.


-In order to improve their existing performance, I implemented a manual bidding strategy to gain full control over our cost per click.

– I built the negative keyword list to block their ad from being shown when the negative keyword appears in the search query. By doing this we were able to increase the quality of our traffic which resulted in more relevant leads.

– I created high-converting landing pages that had a lot of call-to-call buttons, with a few contact forms, 5-star reviews from Google as well as very strong offers, and unique selling points.

-Added more ad extensions to increase the size of our ad and get more real estate/visibility in the SERPs.

– Used their Google My Business Listing to create a “location extension” which enabled their ad to appear in the Google Map section as well. 


The results

Prior to working with me, they were getting about 45 mold removal leads per month and they paid about $200 per lead. This was in May of 2021. By June, I had a campaign built and within the first month, I was able to double their lead count and the number of jobs they were getting through Google Ads.

This Google Ads account is now pulling about an average of 80 high-quality leads a month at a cost per acquisition of $120.