Jewelry Marketing Case Study


Aaland Diamond Jewelers is the go-to store for Northwest Indiana residence looking for custom jewelry, diamond engagement rings, and jewelry repairs! They are also a premium buyer of Gold, silver, diamonds, and other valuable items. They target locals within a 50-mile radius of their business location.

Aaland Diamond Jewelers had been running Adwords on their own, and not getting any results from it. They wanted to attract two types of leads to their store: 1. People looking to buy custom-made jewelry 2. People looking to sell their jewelry (gold, diamonds, silver, watches, etc.). Since the cost per click can be extremely high for this type of traffic, their $200 daily budget got wasted easily in a few clicks. They used completely automated bidding such as Maximized clicks and “Smart campaign” which lead to overspending their advertising budget while not getting many leads in return.

Adwords traffic went to their home page that was not optimized for paid traffic and this resulted in a low conversion rate/lead count.

Since they had a very healthy budget – around 5k per month, we were able to create two separate campaigns: one that targets people who are buying jewelry and another that targets people who are selling their jewelry. In addition to this, they wanted to create more brand awareness around their store so we added a YouTube campaign and a Display Retargeting campaign along with our search ads.


In order to improve their existing performance, I took the following steps:

– I implemented a manual bidding strategy in order to have full control of what we are paying per click 

– I created dedicated, high-converting landing pages that had focused call-to-action buttons, video testimonials from happy customers, and screenshots of their 5-star reviews.

– Built the negative keyword list to increase the quality of their paid traffic

– Used their Google Maps Listing to create a “location extension” which enabled their ad to appear in the map section as well. 

– Added skippable in-stream YouTube ads campaign that introduced their brand to locals within a 40-mile radius of their jewelry store.

– Added Retargeting Display ads campaign that showed our ads to their previous website visitors who already showed some interest in their brand but didn’t convert.

The results

In the first 60 days, I was able to increase their volume of leads by 600% and to reduce cost per lead by 70%.

This Adwords account is pulling about an average of 100 high-quality calls a month at a CPL of $80.