How To Get More Concrete Contractor Job Leads

The concrete business is one of the most essential industries in the world.  It’s a tough business and definitely not a glamorous business.

I happened to know a good number of people from the concrete industry, and have to say that those are some of the most inspiring people for me when it comes to working ethics and level of commitment to their work.

It’s a very tough and stressful business to be in because they have to be ready to never have time for anything to do with a life because it consumes a lot of their time.

The phone never stops ringing and after the job is done, they need to go out to look at a few more and then in the office doing paperwork for a few more hours drafting estimates for new jobs and billing for the completed jobs.

It’s literally a never-ending job. But that’s the life of a concrete guy. Every nice day outside is a working day for them.

But on top of all this, there is just something about it with concrete contractors and builders in general that we all should admire. I think that every man kinda has it inside, to build something and then to be able to step back and be proud of his work.

If you are a concrete contractor and looking for ways to expand your business I am confident that this article will help tremendously.

Advertising With Google Ads

With Google Adwords, you get your ads at the top of the Google search results and when people are searching for a concrete contractor, they go to your website, and they call in or fill out the contact form on your website.

When it comes to this industry, unfortunately, many businesses are just not putting themselves online in front of customers.

When they do, they often don’t do it in the right way, and this results in a big waste of budget and irrelevant traffic.

If done correctly you can get your ads to show only when someone is actually looking for concrete services.

After that, you will then want to manage the bids to make sure that your cost per lead is profitable.


Things To Check When Planning Your Advertising

There are other factors to be aware in order to determine whether you are able to be successful with your advertising or not. Search volume in this industry is generally lower, when compared to the majority of other services like plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, water damage etc.  So you should ask yourself some basic questions.

Geographical territory

Does your area have enough population to justify your marketing efforts?

Search volume

Are people searching for your services daily in your area. Is this volume extremely low? Some areas will just have small interest in concrete services and this would need to be checked first before anything else is done.



I would like to point out some mistakes I often see and to share some useful tips when it comes to marketing for concrete companies.

Small phone number

The phone number is either too small or is almost hidden in the middle of the home page or is actually not there. This is something I am seeing very often in the concrete industry. Make your phone number bigger and make it visible at the top of your home page or landing page.

The phone numbers are not clickable

People want to click and call fast when they make that decision. They will not bother to memorize or try to copy it from the page into their phone. Make it clickable.

Contact form

The contact form is not visible at the top of the page, or it exists only on the contact page. Oftentimes there are just too many questions there. Keep it simple and visible.

No call to action on your website

Not letting people know clearly what is the next step after they land on the website or landing page. Call to action is very important because we need to tell potential customers what they should do and give them the motivation to do so.



Invest some money in building your website

Make sure that your website is at least decent and it should not look like it was created in the 90’s.

Give your visitors the opportunity to contact you via form or to pick up that phone and give you a call.

Pictures of your work

Show pictures that you are proud of. Put them on your home page and gallery. People like to see. They get inspired.

Spend a few moments and use every opportunity to take a before and after pictures of your work.

People like to see the process and visualize for themselves. Surprisingly, the majority of business owners are not doing this.

This is a good opportunity for you to stand out.

Create your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest profiles

This is where you will also want to upload pictures as often as possible. Potential customers in this industry will want to see some social proof, they will want to be able to check you out on your social pages.  This small part will increase lead volume to the fullest.

Google my business listing (maps)

You will want to request this listing because it will improve your lead flow and you will be able to put your Google ad there.

You will simply need your business address and with that address, you will request your listing from Google. After a few weeks, you will receive mail from Google with the code that you will use to confirm your address. Check the video bellow to see how to do it.

Ask for reviews

One of the most important things is to get every customer to give you a review either on Google or Facebook. Reviews are a big part of getting customers because people want to know how you perform and if you are trustworthy.



Thank you for reading.

To your success,

Marko Ramovic