Google Ads For Concrete Contractors

If IBISWorld Marketing Report is anything to go by, the US Concrete Contractors Industry brings in total revenue of $49 billion in 2019. The same report states that there are 54,398 businesses dealing with concrete in the United States alone.

Concrete, to structures, is like oxygen to the lungs. As long as buildings keep going up, the concrete industry will remain useful to humanity. From foundations to walls, and floors of residential and commercial buildings, concrete is ever so crucial.

Like other businesses, concrete contractors face the challenge of advertising their services to the masses. Door-to-door advertising, hitting the newspapers, and putting up billboards still work but you have to tap into the online community if you want better results.

In this day and age, people have resorted to the internet when looking for any service—yes, even when they want a simple terrace repair. One of the most effective advertising tactics out there is Google Adwords. There’s great potential to push your brand out there just by going this route.

If you are interested in Google ads, read on as we decipher what this type of advertising is and why you need to jump the bandwagon as soon as you can.

What is Google Adwords?

Adwords is a service that offers online ads through Google. Ideally, there’s a standard formula set by Google for all their ads. These will then appear in SERPs and other websites as well. For instance, if a client needs a concrete contractor in Los Angeles, they will likely key in search terms such as, “concrete contractor in Los Angeles.” Google will proceed to display a list of websites offering such a service in the main part of the client’s screen. A typical Adwords displays the name of the company, the link of their website and perhaps a slogan and a call to action.  This means you can get more traffic your way just by popping up on Google’s search results page.

Benefits of Google Ads

Google Ads will simply fetch you more customers with little effort. More customers mean more business. Being a form of PPC advertising, Adwords even lets you monitor the success or lack thereof of your online advertising. You can count the number of clicks that proceed to contact you, ask for a free estimate, and those that hire your services. Google lets you track this progress by displaying easy-to-read statistics. The beauty of this type of advertising is that you only pay for clicks and not mere views.

Additionally, your ad is displayed on other websites with related content. Being easy to change and attractively flexible, you can also tweak your ads as often and as much as you like, even when they are running on Google. Lastly, you can also make your ads as local as you desire. If you only want your concrete business to be viewed by your local town, you have the liberty to do this.

What I Can Do For You

If you merely have a website but haven’t run an Adwords campaign, you are missing out on plenty of opportunities. In my experience, taking the necessary steps to get Google ads can guarantee long-term success for your business. Despite Adwords being quite simple to run, you need a helping hand to really get you to your desired destination. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of money. It takes skill, experience, and expertise to get the right keywords that get your point across. Your message needs to be concise to attract a given customer. Your keywords, both negative and positive should be just right and your budget must be spent wisely and only on the relevant search queries. This is where I come in.

For years, I have helped concrete companies enjoy massive success through Google Adwords. As a result, I know the right variation to run to ensure your clicks convert to actual leads. Through my effective PPC strategies, I understand the clicks that attract the highest number of customers and those that need to be removed altogether.

I also know what words to capitalize on to increase the number of searches and lower the number of competitors. With me, you get highly relevant clicks for your daily budget since each click would technically cost you less.

In other words, I know the Concrete Industry inside and out. Who your customers are, where they shop, what time they get off work, and what they search for; and I know how to turn them into return customers for you. Contact me today and let me turn your Google Ads strategies in the right direction and increase sales for your concrete business.


Marko Ramovic