This law firm experienced a 453% increase in leads while reducing CPL by -60% in just 6 months

***due to an agreement with the client, I cannot disclose their name***


This law firm is a nationally recognized practice specializing in white-collar defense, national security, company audits, and federal litigation. Their team, including former Justice Department prosecutors and federal agents, offers robust defense strategies to protect clients’ reputations and finances. Serving clients in 48 states, they provide expert legal guidance and access to a vast network of independent counsel nationwide, including professionals from agencies like the FBI, DEA, and Homeland Security.

They approached me to increase their leads and reduce the cost per lead.

After auditing their Google Ads account, I found that 50% of their clicks came from generic and irrelevant searches, resulting in low-quality traffic. They had no negative keywords, leading to significant budget waste.


To improve their performance, I took several steps. First, I conducted a 50/50 split test on two bidding strategies: Manual Bidding and Maximized Conversion Bidding. I also implemented conversion-focused copywriting to increase the click-through rate.

Analyzing their advertising history, I identified successful elements and rebuilt the campaign using this data. Additionally, I developed a comprehensive negative keyword list based on previous search query history to protect the budget and target high-intent traffic. Finally, I created remarketing campaigns, allocating 5% of the budget to maximize overall performance.

This screenshot shows percentage changes in Google Ads metrics over the last four months versus the previous four months.


In April 2023, when I took over their Google Ads account, they were paying $275 per lead. By May, after rebuilding and optimizing their campaign, they immediately saw more leads and increased case sign-ups.

This law firm saw a 453% increase in leads while reducing CPL by -60% in just 4 months. Now, the Google Ads account is generating an average of 400 high-quality leads per month at a cost per acquisition of $110.

Increase in leads


Cost per lead decrease


Cost per lead


Traffic Boost