Disaster Restoration PPC Case Study


This Restoration Company agreed to share their Adwords results but they wished to remain anonymous. 

They didn’t have the time to manage their campaign and that resulted in poor performance. They targeted people that needed water/fire damage clean up, smoke damage restoration, mold removal, etc. Their advertising budget was solid – around $2000/month but since their niche (disaster restoration) is known to be highly saturated & competitive it was challenging to achieve good results.

When they came to me, at the time they were hardly getting any leads through Adwords. This was in May of 2020. By June, I had a campaign re-built, well-structured, and bringing more leads that turned into high ticket jobs. 


– They already had some advertising history, so I used that data to examine the earlier performance. I kept some parts that worked well and I started re-building their campaign.

– I created ad extensions to make their ads bigger: call extension, location extension, sitelink extensions, etc.

I used dedicated landing pages without the main navigation to push our visitors to call or fill our form – instead of just browsing around the website and doing nothing. I displayed pictures of their work, their 5 stars reviews, trust badges (Angie’s list & BBB.org badge) to increase the conversion rate.

– I Built a huge negative keyword list to increase the quality of their traffic.

The results

We were able to generate 25-30 high converting leads per month and we optimized the average lead value down to $93.

The lead quality was much better and the client informed us they were able to generate $70,000 in revenue just in the first two months from these leads.