Concrete & Masonry Case Study


Due to an existing agreement between the client and me, I will not use the client’s business name in this Adwords case study. This concrete contractor is a locally based business with over 20 years of experience that offers concrete services for residential and commercial properties.

The client had been running AdWords Automatic campaign, and was getting a few low-quality leads, however, they needed help to achieve better results. They needed more high-quality leads so they reached out to me requesting a brief overview of the account to see if there were any ways to improve the current performance.

After reviewing the account I realized that the Adwords account wasn’t set up properly. One of the issues I found was that

-they had only 1 campaign with just one single ad group. An effectively optimized Adwords account should have multiple thematized ad groups for each group of keywords.

-Their keywords were set as a broad match. Ads triggered by broad match keywords frequently show up for irrelevant or general search queries, they are clicked much more often and can waste thousands in ad spend in a manner of days or weeks.

-The account didn’t have a negative keywords list. Negative keywords are a must because they basically allow us to exclude our ads from showing up for similar, but unrelated, searches.



To achieve better results, I took the following strategy:

-Implemented a manual bidding strategy to gain full control over the campaign by bidding on each individual keyword.

-Created multiple specific ad groups that target very specific keywords. Each of these ad groups includes ads that are specific to those keywords.

-I made sure we focus on high intent traffic by targeting people who’re looking to hire a pressure washing company.

-Added keywords such as “concrete contractor + city”, “concrete contractor near me”, “masonry contractor + city”, “masonry companies near me” etc.

-Built up a large list of negative keywords to prevent a large number of irrelevant searches.

-I created high-converting landing pages specially tailored for paid search, with call-to-action buttons, video testimonials from happy customers, and screenshots of their Google 5-star reviews.

-Used their Google My Business Listing to create a “location extension” which enabled their ad to appear in the map section as well.


The results

Within the first month of having the campaign re-built, I was able to generate over 20 high-quality leads per month and reduce CPL by 70%.

The type of leads that we’re tracking are phone calls and form submissions. These leads allowed their team to secure over 5+ new masonry projects per month.