Boudoir Photographer Client

Femme Art Boudoir offers luxury boudoir photography for women in Phoenix Arizona.


The objective of Femme Art Boudoir was to get more boudoir shoots through the internet.

They ran an Adwords campaign for a few months but the results were extremely poor and taking it up from there was a challenge for me.

They only got about 7 leads per month and their cost per lead was $90 which was ridiculously expensive and overpaid – at least for this niche where an average cost per lead goes between 10-30 dollars.

Furthermore, they were unable to generate value from leads they got because the traffic came from bad search terms.

Those terms were mostly brand searches or simply put clicks that came from people that were looking for their competitors, but ended up clicking on their Ad..


To achieve better results, I took the following strategy:

-Their website was not optimized for paid traffic so I’ve created dedicated, high-converting landing pages for visitors to land after clicking our ads. These pages had a focused call-to-action and very simple and short explanations of benefits. Femme Art Boudoir had a 5-star rating on Google so we used that to our advantage by adding a snippet of code on to our pages that showcased their 5-star reviews.

-I added a ton of negative keywords, so we don’t waste money with ads that are getting clicks from unrelated search terms.

-My client didn’t provide boudoir photoshoots for men and couples but only worked with women, so I excluded male demographics to laser-focus our ad budget solely to the female audience.

-I worked with the client to develop the best ad copy so they can get a higher click-through rate and convert while meeting their brand standards.

The results

Within the first three months of the campaign setup, I’ve been able to lower their cost per lead to $5 CPL and also increase their conversion rate to 30%.

In other words, every third click is producing a lead from our current campaign that is now generating about 70 leads per month.

The type of leads that we’re tracking is form submissions. These forms allowed their team to secure over 20+ new booked photoshoots per month.