Australian Shepherd Breeder Case Study

Learn how Google Search Ads helped USA-based dog breeders gain more inquiries


This Australian Shepherd breeder agreed to share their Google Ads results but they wished to stay anonymous.

When they came to me, they already had a well-built website and were interested in running Google Ads campaign.

Their objective was to get more inquires/purchases of their puppies through the internet.

They had a strong desire to beat out their competitors, dominate the space and become the foremost choice of people looking to buy Australian shepherd puppies.


I created a campaign with multiple ad groups that were targeting people searching for ”australian shepherd puppies”, “mini aussie puppies”, “australian shepherd breeders near me”, etc.

– I added a ton of negative keywords, so we don’t waste our budget with ads that are getting clicks from unrelated search terms

– Added a bunch of ad extensions to make their ads appear bigger: call extension, location extension, site link extensions, etc.

– Implemented some conversion-focused copywriting to increase click-through rate

The results

Within the first three weeks, we were able to achieve a $15 cost per lead and now this dog breeder is getting around 100 inquires per month for their puppies. About 10% of those inquires turn into sales. They are able to achieve a $150 cost per 1 sale at an average value of $1200 which is a tremendous return on investment.