Did you know that about 75% of Americans will experience pain in their feet at least once in their lifetime?

As people age, foot issues worsen, especially in women (thanks to years of wearing uncomfortable shoes and high heels).

Other causes of foot problems include sports injuries, congenital defects, and wear and tear.
Even with the high number of podiatry clients, getting your foot through the door as a foot doctor is easier said than done.

Competition gets stiffer by the day. Creating a killer website for your podiatry clinic allows you to market yourself to the masses. But, expectedly, it takes much more to get clients.

After creating the website, the next best thing is to make it generate a ton of leads on Google. With the influx of such websites, you need a genuine professional to achieve this. Lucky for you, I can make that dream a reality.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies and Processes

Just as podiatry patients need expert and individualized care for their needs, your practice also needs a good marketing strategy to grow it. Winning customers via Google AdWords is an effective PPC marketing strategy that can achieve it. Simply put, this is a technique of directing a ton of traffic to your ads and ultimately your website. There’s a lot that is done to do this and you have to be both skilled and experienced to hack it.

Having generated leads for plenty of podiatry clinics, I have what it takes to deliver quality leads for your practice on a daily basis. Through proven tactics and refined processes, I will ensure that your brand has more awareness, client base, and inquiries. This way, you can grow your business, employ more employees, and create a fantastic work-life balance.

Thanks to my unique set of PPC skills, I won’t rest until your ads appear in places your competitors can only dream of. Apart from ensuring your website sits on the first page of Google, you get thousands of leads through Google leads. This puts your message across to as many people with foot and ankle problems as humanly possible.

What Can I Do For You?

Rely on me to create the best practices for your PPC campaign and ultimately help you grab every opportunity the online world has handed to you. Some of the services you can expect from me include the following:

Keyword Research: I know just how to pick the right keywords that your prospects will use on Google.  When the keywords used in the campaign are genuine, people with foot and ankle issues will visit your website.

Campaign Creation: Based on the keywords, I will set up an AdWords campaign and adjust it perfectly to attract the highest conversion rates for you.

Competitor Analysis: Understanding the campaign strategy of your competitors will largely give you a competitive advantage.

Lead Tracking and Reporting: To know if your AdWords campaign is working or not, you need to track and report your podiatry patient leads in real-time through an online dashboard. Afterward, you can review all the phone calls, submitted forms, and distinguish between true leads and non-leads.

Effective Lead Follow-Up: Since you can track your leads in real-time, you can do the needful when they are fresh. This way, you can optimize on every useful one and in turn, avoid losing prospects in the process.

Carry out precise ROIs: To help you know how many leads your PPC campaign generates, we help separate leads from job inquiries, personal calls, misdials, and other stuff.

Why Me?

Granted, there are millions (perhaps more) AdWords managers out there but I am simply the best. For one, my reputation precedes me. Over the years, many foot doctors have gone through my hand and have never regretted the decision. I am the manager that will hold your hand until the end of the road. The kind that shows you the ropes until your website actually converts to sales.

Here are some reasons why you should hire me.

Transparency: Unlike other AdWords managers who cut corners and don’t do as promised, I keep you updated on everything. You will get monthly reports and have full-time access to your account.

Effective Strategies and Processes: My tactics have been developed over time and are proven to get the job done every time.

Reliable Technical Support: If you need to pick my brains on something at any time of day, only email or give me a phone call and I will take care of it.

Money-Back Guarantee: If you are dissatisfied with my services, I will be happy to give you a refund.

Effective Time Tracking: Through my effective time tracking software, you can access your account and keep tabs with what is happening there. You can even take screenshots if you please.

Creating Google ads for podiatrists is best left to the experts. There’s more at stake if you use quarks and incompetent managers who are experts at taking shortcuts.

Contact me today and I will show you the difference between the two.


Marko Ramovic

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