Fitness Vibes – Case Studies

Company:                                    Industry:

      Fitness Vibes                                      Personal trainers

                                                  Service provided:


Company:  Fitness Vibes                    Industry:  Personal trainers

Service provided: PPC  

How I did it:

Increasing High-Quality Traffic

​Geographic TargetingConversion Focused Copywriting

Single Keyword Ad Groups

Alpha / Beta Search Structure

Custom build landing pages

Fitness Vibes is a team of sports experts with over ten years of experience within the sports industry worldwide. All their trainers are highly educated and certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).Before working with me, Fitness Vibes didn’t have resources or time to frequently run optimizations within Google Ads and landing pages and that resulted with highly irrelevant traffic and wasted Ad budget.I used their Google My Business Listing to create “location extension” within Google Ads which enabled their ad to show in the map section as well and this alone increased their lead flow significantly. I suggested changes with a new design for their landing page with a call to actions, lead forms and increased their conversion rate for 180%.In the first month, I managed to increase Fitness Vibes volume of leads by 45% and to reduce cost per conversion for 37% through laser-focused and themed ad groups that contain no more than 2 keywords each.

reduced cost

per conversion



increased volume of leads by

in the first month

 conversion rate


“Marko helped us eliminate negative traffic and the spend that came along with it and increase conversions from our targeted clients. Marko continually monitors, tests and reports on our account to ensure we have the best performing keywords and ads. Highly recommended.”

Milos Jovanovic, Owner | Fitness Vibes