Deck Touch

Company:                                    Industry:

      Deck Touch                                        Construction

                                                  Service provided:


Company: Deck Touch                  Industry:  ConstructionService provided:  PPC                       

How I did it:

How I did it:

Single Keyword Ad Groups

Optimization on a Demographic LevelConversion Focused CopywritingLanding Page A/B Testing

Increasing High-Quality Traffic

Alpha / Beta Search Structure

Deck Touch is one of the top decking companies in Kentucky located in Louisville. Their professional crew provides deck repair and installation services.

Deck Touch was doing all of their PPC in-house but was having trouble scaling in a competitive industry. Costs were going up and leads were staying relatively flat. 

They came to me with the goal of increasing phone calls / lead forms, better quality leads and reducing cost per leads.

In the first month, I managed to increase their volume of leads by 235% and to reduce cost per lead by 57%. I accomplished this through granularly focused single keyword ad groups and optimization on a demographic level.


month to month CPC andlead volume improvement


conversion rate

reduced cost 

per conversion


“We have been using Marko for Google Ads management for some time now. First and foremost Marko has been able to drive down our ad spend and increase leads and call volume for our company. Second, Marko is extremely easy to work with and understands how to offer great customer service.”

Andrew Jacobson, Owner|Deck Touch