CoronaVirus Business Opportunities for Cleaning Companies

Right now, there is a huge opportunity for Cleaning companies when it comes to Google Ads and marketing in general. At this point a lot of business owners are uncertain and Corona virus is already impacting global markets, with economic impacts felt beyond China and other highly affected countries. But there are some industries like cleaning companies that will be fine and might even come way stronger after this situation…

Let's face it, this thing is real and more than 300,000 people have contracted the novel Corona virus and at least 12,000 have died at this point, there is this panic everywhere and people are quitting their businesses because they have become worried about getting the virus themselves, and unfortunately, I see that this is affecting cleaning service providers as well, but right now there is a massive opportunity to grow your business and help the community if you are a cleaning company.

From what I see, this is going to be a massive boom for the cleaning companies that stay, continue working and start investing in their marketing, and even after all this situation with Corona pass, people will be very cautious and I can freely say paranoid about any germ, so cleaning services are gonna be huge even when all this ends. The jobs that you can get now are offices that need cleaning, grocery stores, and health departments. They aren’t closing and need to stay clean & healthy during this time.

What is happening here is that fewer businesses are spending money on Google ads but more people are at their home and are searching right now on Google which means that the cost for a click will go down and that's actually a great opportunity because some major competitors will definitely retreat and this is a great chance to take over that market.

Right now, people are stopping their Google Ad campaigns and there is gonna be more opportunities, more cleaning jobs, and more customers, so the ones that stay in the game and start advertising now will get those customers and develop relationships with them in years to come. All because a lot of people are stopping their campaigns for a while because they are worried about the virus.

There will be less competition each day and companies who stay will have benefit from this because the cleaning service is essential, especially at this time.

So keep doing business by following those government guidelines, help the community and use this massive opportunity for your company.

If you have any questions about Google Ads and how it can help your business feel free to message me. 

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